Message from the Founders


Rodolfo L Cardona

Growing up in Balungao, Pangasinan, Philippines, I had a very different experience with elder care. Almost all of my aging relatives lived in the same roof as their kids, grandkids, siblings and extended family. Amidst noise and the familiar grind of daily living, not only they enjoyed the independence and dignity of doing all the things they had done on their own — gardening, taking care of domesticated animals, cooking, laundry and whatnots — but they were also surrounded by other younger relatives and had the security of direct assistance when they needed it.

Realizing there were no options in the U.S. other than the institutional environment of traditional long-term care facilities, we decided to take the plunge and founded Monte Farley Manor Guest Homes with the goal of extending the same atmosphere like my aging relatives experienced during the later part of their lives. With that philosophy of care in mind and starting with the understanding that a high quality of life is only possible in environments that people find warm, nurturing, comfortable and welcoming, finding inspiration from a single-family homes back in my native country where daily life is spent with immediate relatives and love ones... Monte Farley Manor Guest Homes was established.

The result was a secure, comfortable and familiar home-like facility that became the company norm. After 18 years since we started operation in 1996, our facility still holds true to the guiding principles, vision and goal in the relentless commitment to redefining care provided by assisted living facilities for seniors. The management and staff of Farley Manor Guest Homes are trained to understand the values of our mission and goal and are encouraged to be guided by them in daily interaction with residents. We offer loving care to our aging seniors in a compassionate and loving environment consistent with the Christian values upon which we were founded.


Elvira B Cardona

Since its inception in 1996, Monte Farley Manor Guest Homes has been fostering a dignified, secure, comfortable and familiar home-like environment assisted living in the Bay Are. In a span of more than 18 years, we have grown to offer the most complete continuum of senior living, elder-care services. Our commitment to caring begins with recognizing the intrinsic values of senior individuals and helping each person reach his or her highest potential for rounded, well-balance and independent living during this later part of their lives. In so doing, we seek not only to meet each resident’s physical needs, but also to nurture emotional and spiritual well-being. Everything we do at Monte Farley Manor is focused toward enriching the quality of life for residents. We recognize the value of the human spirit and believe that senior living does not mean the end of a purposeful, rich life. With the proper care, aging seniors can still maximize their quality of life. Achieving this mission requires the compassion and dedication of our entire management and staff which is ultimately defined by the satisfaction of those whose lives we touch. As a team, we share a common desire to provide the highest quality of care and support. We strive to have a productive and nurturing yet independent environment that encourages long and fruitful and happy years with us.

Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, very close to the city proper of Mountain View, with the city of San Jose in the South and San Francisco a little further North, Monte Farley is a facility that serves all senior people, regardless of race, sex, or religion. We welcome you with open hearts and arms and hope that your stay with us even at this stage of your life, will remain meaningful and sensible.