From our past and current residents

My father, Gordon D., lived for one year and seven months at a board and care facility in Mountain View called Cardona's Monte Farley Manor. I think this time was some of the happiest of his late years because of the excellent care provided by the proprietors, Elvie and Rod Cardona and their staff. If you know of an elder person who is in need of a care facility (and who is ambulatory), I would highly recommend this home for them.

As niece and medical POA for my aunt, Catherine Smital, I would like to offer my evaluation of Monte Farley Manor Guest Home, located at 579 Farley St, Mountain View. My Aunt Catherine became a resident of Monte Farley in April 2006. She was a resident until her death on November 1, 2007.

It was November 11, 2000...a day I will never forget. I had talked earlier in the week to Pat from Living Options, as I knew it was time to move my mom from Arizona to the Bay Area to be closer to me. She had broken her hip and arm, had a pacemaker, breast cancer and dementia. Pat had given me a list of six care facilities as possibilities to check out. She described all the detail, and told me to see “Monte Farley” last. I knew immediately I was going to see “Monte Farley” first.